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The Hypebeast have a way of effecting everything. But when it comes to Air Jordan it’s bigger than that. The mere idea that the biggest sneaker brand in the world has an overrated shoe can’t be true, right?


Air Jordan Certainly has an unstoppable presence in the shoe game. The man has been retired from the league for more than 20 years! His Retros fly off the shelf like he’s still out there balling every night.  What if I were to tell you that one of Jordan’s brands most sought after shoe is nothing more than hype. An uncomfortable, overpriced box like sneaker. The sneaker Retails for anywhere from $220-$250. And when it comes to resale good luck finding a pair of high tops for less than $275.  Which sneaker am I referring to?!

 Air Jordan 11 Collection

That’s right Folks, it is the 11. For a quick guide to the history of the 11 check this post out by The Sole Collector “Air Jordan 11 : The Definitive Guide to Colorways”

Arguably the most popular Air Jordan style of all-time, here's a look at the lineage of the Air Jordan 11.

In 1995, three colorways of Michael Jordan's 11th signature sneaker released in both the iconic patent leather trimmed mid-cut and an elephant print trimmed low-cut version known as the IE. Five years later, the sneaker returned for its first retro run with new and OG colorways of the mid-top as well as low-tops that featured patent leather and snake skin. The Air Jordan 11 also served as the motivation for Jordan Brand to move Air Jordan Retro releases to Saturday as students often skipped school and cut class to get their hands on a pair.....”


 Space Jam 11

But Bruh, Not the Space Jams

Yes sir, especially the 11’s. I get it. Space Jam, it’s your childhood. You’re attached to MJ and the Looney Tunes as they took on the MonStars. Which if you take a moment to examine the idea of that movie it’s completely outrageous. The only way Mike would come to the Big Screen would be to single handily take down the top talent of the league by himself. Come on Mike!


Space Jam the movie

Quick Pivot

We all know Mike and 4 scrubs couldn’t beat Barkley, Muggsy, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, and Ewing. That blasphemous idea alone should make the Space Jam 11 a clown shoe, but I digress. 


 The marketing campaign for this sneaker was unreal. Check out the above commercial. This is one of the most popular Air Jordan Commercials ever.

The sneaker did debut during MJ’s first playoff run after retirement. Which was in 1995. The bulls would lose to the Likes of Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neil of the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Semi Finals. Which for some odd reason, everyone gives MJ a pass on. The sneaker does not have any real historical moment. It’s a product of excellent branding, a hungry base of fans who missed MJ during retirement and a great marketing campaign. 

 Michael Jordan Playing Basketball

I am convinced that the absence of MJ drove the hype around this sneaker  I would bet that Jordan Brand could have onboarded any sneaker and it would be an icon today because of the movie and his return from retirement. The sneaker is not a superior Jordan Brand product. It’s not comfortable and creases easily. 

Moral of the story here kids, buy what you like. This sneaker will always be a headache to buy. It will be pricey and it will sell out. The quality and the history is just not there to justify ever coping a pair of these, EVER.


Author: John Maina, 734 Kicks Owner

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